Mulata Kitchen & Coffee

The owner of this new Brazilian restaurant in Oak Park, IL is a proud “Mulata” which she defines as a beautiful, unique and exotic blend of people, cultures, nations, ethnicities, and languages. Her concept for the store was personal and something that showed she was giving her heart to the community and providing a place for everyone to celebrate each other and celebrate good food.

The logo design is of a woman with curly hair (just like the owner) constructed of many different pockets of warm, inviting colors, separated by curly, winding lines. The idea behind this drawing is that the diverse community of Oak Park is represented as the pockets of color in the wildly curly hair that all join together to form this visual representation of a Mulata. Then, the lettering for the name also holds a slightly hairlike quality that is soft and feminine.

Photography by the talented Guilherme Bonatto